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Your children are part of mission

You’ve heard me say it before:  mission readiness depends on family readiness.  We’re here to defend the nation, but to do that job we must take care of each other—that includes taking care of families, especially children.  It’s a job we take seriously.

Last week I had the pleasure of being part of the ribbon cutting to open the Hourly Child Care Drop In Care facility in Jackson Park. 

That’s exciting news for me and our community as this new facility joins the drop-off care program held in the NAS Whidbey chapel.

The Navy is growing in the Northwest, and child care needs are growing with it.  The new hourly care program fills a gap and can help you address your personal needs such as time at the gym, a shopping trip, or a medical appointment. 

Hourly care is available in two hour increments, Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Pre-registration in the Child Development Home Program is a requirement to use the hourly care program.

The new facility isn’t the only child care good news in Navy Region Northwest. We have a great child care program throughout the region.

Is there a wait list? Yes; however, the wait times are decreasing, most notably in west sound. And, although the number of child development center spaces remains steady, the number of child development home providers is increasing. 

The child development home (CDH) program offers a great alternative to center-based child care and also shortens wait times by offering more child care spaces region-wide. When I recently toured Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, I was excited to see that they have a very robust CDH program.  West sound has a definite need for CDH providers in Bangor and Bremerton. 

I encourage you to look at this great opportunity to serve the needs of the greater Navy Region Northwest family by considering becoming a CDH provider. 

For details on how to become and CDH provider, please contact the appropriate CDH director:  NBK:  (360) 396-6227; NASWI:  (360) 257-6116; NSE:  (425) 304-3690.

Family friendly isn’t just a buzz word; it’s a commitment from Navy Region Northwest.  The hourly care drop in center is just one example, the Bremerton family fitness room is another.  The Whidbey Island Family Fitness Room is now open and Bangor’s Family Fitness Roomis scheduled to open in mid-February. The Seabees are hard at work building a set of three family changing rooms that should open at the Bangor pool in May of this year. 

Each family changing room will have showers, lockers, and benches and will allow families with older children to prepare for a day at the pool.

We’re committed to helping you and your family by implementing family friendly initiatives. 

Please use them and provide feedback on how they serve your needs. Also, keep the Navy Region Northwest logo submissions coming, as well as your feedback and suggestions for this column.

Take care of each other and stay safe.

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