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Pierside Plaza shows its new colors

Photo by Michael Kundu
Busy times during the lunch hour at the newly remodeled Community Service's Pierside Plaza at Naval Station Everett.

Did you notice a new look while taking in some rest and relaxation on the pier?  If you have, than you’ve obviously had a chance to take a quick break at Community Service’s Pierside Plaza, which recently had a fresh ‘makeover’ to give the facility a new look. 

You might have also noticed that it’s been easier to get through the snack bar lines lately. Community Services has added a second cash register—along with a second staff member - so that the Pierside Deli can offer faster, more efficient customer service for patrons in a hurry.

“Faster service means shorter wait times,” says Jocelyn Cardona, Community Service’s Food, Business and Entertainment manager. “We have made it our goal to serve our customers the best possible way we know how, and these change are just an example of how we try to accommodate our patrons whenever possible.”

Changing color schemes often changes the atmosphere of a facility, and Cardona believes the new paint on the Plaza’s walls will give its common area a dynamic ‘boost.’ “Our color choice of burnt orange, along with accents in mahogany red and moss green, create a much warmer mood in the plaza,” says Cardona. “We think it provides a more welcoming atmosphere, and we hope that our patrons like this new look.”

In addition to the increase in staff, and the d√ącor “face-lift”, changes at the Pierside Plaza also include upgraded linoleum, along with the upcoming addition of a third deck on the pizza oven, which will effectively increase the ability of the Pierside Deli to deliver pizzas 30% faster to all patrons. 

“Our goal has always been to provide the sailor with the best possible service, fast and quality food products, and excellent prices,” says Cardona. “These new improvements at Pierside will take us even further down that road.”

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